ZIBI Z-500

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For filling latex- and mylar balloons of any size and shape with air.


  • Adapter for locking: (1) for standard balloons, designed to use seals, (2) for small balloons or for working without seals.
  • (3) redesigned outlet for giant balloons for quicker inflating. Rings of diameter 1,2” / 1,6“ / 2“ / 2,4“ and 2,8“ for the different neck sizes.
  • (4) button for pulsed operation.
  • (5) toggle switch for continuous operation.
  • (6) protected exit for cable. Length of cable: 6´, Euro-plug.
  • (7) integrated handle.
  • Broad base for improved stability.

Inflator with two adapters

Technical data:
Motor 230 Volt, 500 Watt

3 Years

Cleaning instruction:
Before cleaning it is important to disconnect the inflator from power! Use for cleaning a moisty rag (not wet).

Dispose only at collecting point for electrical devices.

Safety instructions:
If the inflator is reeking or has a malfunction disconnect it from power and hand it over to a professional or to the manufacturer for a check and for fixing. Don’t expose the inflator to rain or high humidity. Don’t cover the air intake. Use only enclosed adapters. Be careful not to let the inflator overheat. If it gets too hot, switch it off temporarily and let it cool off.